Monday, April 22, 2019
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Prof. Manubhai M Shah Memorial Award for Excellence in Commerce & Business Management (MMSMA)

Prof. Shah worked as a life-long University Educator. His contributions have played a vital role in the growth of Vallabh Vidyanagar and Sardar Patel University. He began his career as a young college lecturer and moved on to becoming College Principal; Dean, Faculty of Commerce; Head, Post Graduate Department of Commerce; Founder & Honorary Director of Post Graduate Business Management Institute and also served as the Vice Chancellor.

Prof. Manubhai M. Shah was born in Kundhela (near Vadodara), Gujarat and resided in Vallabh Vidyanagar with his family for the most of his life. He was married to Kantaben Shah and father to 3 children - Atul, Anil & Preeti.

Prof. Manubhai M. Shah
M. Com. (Bombay)
M. Sc. (Econ. & Bus. Admn.) (L.S.E., London)
Diploma of Distinction (Cambridge)
(Feb. 28, 1926 – Dec. 14, 2003)

In 1965, Prof. Shah had successfully organized All Indian Commerce Conference at Vallabh Vidyanagar. He had also served as the President of the Inter-University Council for Commerce and Management Education & Research. He was appointed as the National Lecturer by UGC. He was ahead of his time in his teachings. He believed the education should meet the needs of all types and sizes of businesses. For this reason, he had started the Charotar Management Association (CMA) with other business leaders and solicited their input to make Commerce and Business education relevant. He was the Founder Secretary and President of CMA. In addition, he had served as the Honorary Executive &/or Officer of over 100 policy making bodies at regional and national level. Many individuals, institutions, businesses and political leaders valued his counsel, worldwide. He was recognized by several international "Who's Who", Biographies and Directories.

Prof. Shah had published over 25 research reports and books, and over 300 Research and Literary Articles. He was the Guide to over 15 Ph. D. and External Referee to numerous Ph. D. and D.Lit. Scholars throughout India. He believed strongly in the value of education and gave over 300 speeches on complex Commerce, Business and Trade subjects. He also authored a text book on Economics in the Gujarati language. Throughout his career, he had organized over 100 seminars and educational classes/workshops at national and international level.

Although Prof. Shah was known to most as an Intellectual, Educator, Lecturer, Researcher and Author; he was known to his family and co-workers as a hard working, honest man with deep rooted values and morals. His strong work ethic combined with his commitment to the community led him to participate in India's Independence Movement and other Gandhian constructive activities, including fighting for eliminating 'untouchability' and dowry and allowing widow marriages. He did not accept the Freedom Fighter's Award, pension and other perks on the grounds of principle. His belief system was forward in its nature, but he maintained a strong Indian identity. He sacrificed the opportunity to be a professor at the London School of Economics to continue serving the cause of commerce education in India. Upon his death his body was donated, per his wishes, to the University Hospital for Research and Education purpose.

In keeping with Prof. Shah's dedication to learning and research, we hope this Award will inspire you, and many others to follow his legacy.